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Rehabilitation aims to enable people to reach and maintain their optimal physical, sensory, intellectual, psychological and social functional levels after injury or illness.

It provides people with the tools they need to attain independence and self-determination.

The University of Canberra Hospital: Specialist Centre for Rehabilitation, Recovery and Research is supported by state-of-the-art technologies and innovative therapy spaces.

Canberrans will be better able to access rehabilitation services. Patients will benefit from:

  • improved physical environment
  • a smoother transition through the ACT Health system, and
  • improved care with multidisciplinary teams of health professionals.

It will move rehabilitation patients out of an acute hospital setting, such as Canberra Hospital and Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, and into a therapeutic environment that will promote recovery and encourage activity, independence and autonomy.

Rehabilitation outdoors at UCH


The following services will be delivered at the University of Canberra Hospital from July 2018:

  • General rehabilitation, for people who have had an amputation, de-conditioning and recovery associated with medical illness, other surgeries or trauma
  • Neurological rehabilitation following a stroke, brain injury, spinal cord injury, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis and Guillain-Barre syndrome
  • Older person and ortho-geriatric rehabilitation
  • Slow stream rehabilitation for people who may have limited physical ability, non-weight bearing restrictions, and need residential modification or placement
  • Allied health services, including speech pathology, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, psychology, exercise physiology and social work
  • Specialised rehabilitation services such as driver assessment; falls assessment and injury prevention; memory assessment; vocational assessment and vestibular rehabilitation
  • Hydrotherapy
  • Specialised rehabilitation and geriatric medical clinics

The Rehabilitation Day Program for outpatients will allow people to stay at home with their family and live in their own community, while still receiving care and therapy during the day.

All under one roof

Bringing all rehabilitation services together under one roof will save Canberrans from having to travel to various locations across the ACT for treatment and follow-up appointments.

It also brings ACT Health’s experienced rehabilitation staff together, improving collaboration within multidisciplinary teams and resulting in better outcomes for people.

Rehabilitation facilities at UCH


The University of Canberra Hospital will provide Canberrans with a brand new hydrotherapy pool.

This July, hydrotherapy services will move to UCH from Canberra Hospital, and the pool currently at Canberra Hospital will close.

The University of Canberra Hospital will deliver all publicly funded hydrotherapy services for all Canberrans—regardless of their location—to streamline services, resources and care for consumers.

Benefits of the new pool include:

  • improved access with a smoother entry, flat surrounding surface and hoist
  • less maintenance, resulting in less downtime for services
  • more accurate and stable temperature, resulting in a better service.

Hydrotherapy at UCH

The pool at UCH will work in the same way as the pool at Canberra Hospital. Referrals to the new pool can still be made by:

  • ACT Health clinical staff
  • Physiotherapists
  • General Practitioners
  • Medical Practitioners
  • UCH intake team.

The new pool will be available for therapeutic use out-of-hours by non ACT Health services and paediatric services, in the same way the pool at Canberra Hospital has been used.

External providers will have access to the pool through application and agreed terms.   

Please talk to your therapist if you would like more information about your hydrotherapy care.