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Mental health rehabilitation

The new University of Canberra Hospital: Specialist Centre for Rehabilitation, Recovery and Research will support Canberrans experiencing mental illness to live successfully in the ACT community, with more individualised care, tailored to individual needs.

The hospital will provide more space for group therapy sessions, increasing access to mental health services.

The hospital will enable contemporary, evidence-based therapies to be delivered through facilities that will support art therapy, activities of daily living programs, and expanded psychosocial group therapy programs.

The new hospital’s adult mental health services will have a greater emphasis on rehabilitation, delivering individualised recovery-based care and rehabilitation programs.

With mental health services delivered alongside general health services, people’s health and wellbeing will be central to their care.

People accessing mental health services at the new hospital will benefit from beautiful spaces and views that Canberra is renowned for.

Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit

The Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit will provide overnight support and care for people experiencing mental illness.

There will also be more opportunities for intensive rehabilitation throughout a person’s stay, supporting people to move back into their community.

The Adult Mental Health Rehabilitation Unit will provide a homely, domestic environment, with ensuite bathrooms and combined kitchen and living spaces.

Adult Mental Health Day Service

The Adult Mental Health Day Service will enable people experiencing mental health issues to access care and support during the day, while going home to their families and local community at night.

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