About the HMRC

The ACT Health and Medical Research Council was established in September 2003 as a high level advisory body to provide strategic advice to the Minister and ACT Health on developing the ACT health and medical research sector.

A key component of this work includes oversighting the development and implementation of the Health and Medical Research Support Program.

The Council represents the broad stakeholder interest in health and medical research in the ACT.


Professor Scott Henderson, Professor Emeritus, ANU.


  • Dr Charles Guest, Chief Health Officer;
  • Professor Paul Gatenby, Director of Research, Canberra Hospital;
  • Professor David Ellwood, Associate Dean of the Canberra Clinical School;
  • Ms Elizabeth Grant, Chair of the ACT Health Ethics Committee;
  • Dr Paul Dugdale, Director, Chronic Disease Management;
  • A/Professor Gordon Waddington, University of Canberra;
  • Professor Sue Thomas, Pro Vice-Chancellor Research, University of Canberra;
  • Mr Ian Macdonald, Consumer Representative;
  • Professor Jane Dahlstrom, Anatomical Pathologist, ACT Pathology;
  • Dr Christine O'Keefe, CSIRO Preventative Health National Research Flagship.


The Health and Medical Research Council Secretariat is located in the Population Health Executive Office.