2009-2010 research

Congratulations to the researchers who successfully sought grants in the ACT Health and Medical Research Program funding round for 2009/10.

The 2009 call for applications received twenty-seven applications, twenty-five for Category 1: Project Development Grant and two for Category 2: Short-Term Fellowship. All applications were assessed by the ACT Health and Medical Research Council. Details of the successful research projects can be found below.

Funding recipients

The ACT Minister for Health, Katy Gallagher MLA, noted that:

"This support will help the ACT to maintain its reputation for scientific excellence in health and medical research".

Funding was awarded to the following applicants in the 2009/10 funding round:

HMRC 2009-10 Funding Program Recipients

Dr Ben Rattray

University of Canberra

The role of eccentric exercise and nutrition in the treatment of systemic inflammation and chronic disease.

This project aims to provide insight into improving exercise treatment of chronic disease, specifically in a diabetic population.

Ms Donna Hodgson and Dr Catherine Hungerford (supervisor)

University of Canberra

Evaluation of implementation of the recovery model of care in Mental Health ACT (ACT Health): Stages one and two.

This project aims to facilitate improvement of mental health service delivery to consumers and carers in the ACT.

Dr Alison Calear

Centre for Mental Health Research

Pilot trial of the e-couch GAD module in schools

This project aims to significantly reduce the prevalence of anxiety disorders in adolescents and to prevent the many ill effects associated with anxiety.

Dr Danny Rangasamy

The John Curtin School of Medical Research and Australian National University

Activation of L1 Retrotransposon is associated with breast cancer development

This project aims to improve diagnosis testing of breast cancer and to make the various grades and stages of breast cancers easier to classify.

A/Prof Alison Kent

Canberra Hospital

Renin and Aldosterone in neonates (Renal Study)

This project aims to provide insight into to the mechanisms involved in hypertension and diabetes during pregnancy and this effect on neonates, particularly the link to development of cardiovascular disease later in life. Also this research aims to guide development of therapeutic approaches to this issue.