Breast Cancer Treatment Project

The aim of the Breast Cancer treatment Project is to collect and examine data on treatment and outcomes for women with breast cancer

The Breast Cancer Treatment Project commenced in May 1997, and led to the development of an ongoing community based audit of breast cancer treatment based on clinical indicators agreed by the ACT & SE NSW Breast Cancer Treatment Group.

The aim of the project is to collect and examine data on treatment and outcomes for women with breast cancer.

Download: Breast Cancer Treatment Project Newsletter (December 2013) (PDF File - 1851k)
Breast Cancer Treatment Project Newsletter (December 2014) (PDF File - 693k)


The general and long-term goal of the study is to improve breast cancer treatment and in turn to reduce the death from breast cancer and to improve the quality of life of cancer patients. This can be reached through the following objectives:

  • To describe the patterns of care of breast cancer among men and women residing in the ACT and surrounding region;
  • To provide individual participating clinicians with an ongoing audit of their own practices and outcomes in breast cancer management; and
  • To describe the outcomes of breast cancer treatment in the region.

The project was funded for the first twelve months by the Commonwealth Department of Health and Aged Care Cancer Screening Unit, and continues to be funded within BreastScreen, ACT Community Care.

A report describing the initial 14 months of the project was published in the Medical Journal of Australia in 2000. As follow-up information is collected, the audit database may become a useful resource for examining treatment outcomes from standard treatment of breast cancer.

The foundation of the project has been voluntary, unfunded contribution of data by the region's surgeons and other clinicians.

Contact us

For any enquiries or comments about the Breast Cancer Treatment Project please contact the Project Co-ordinator:

Yanping Zhang
ph: (02) 6205 0967

Any clinical questions should be directed to:

Dr Paul Craft
Canberra Hospital
ph: (02) 6244 2220

If you require any further information please contact the Project Officer on (02) 6205 1542.