Reporting Requirements

As of February 2018 the Australian Health Ethics Committee (AHEC) has revised the requirements for safety reporting to HRECs to include risk-based management and monitoring of clinical trials involving therapeutic goods.

The AHEC guidance and supplementary guidance is available from the NHMRC website

In line with the AHEC statement ACT Health HREC no longer requires submission of individual Serious Adverse Events (SAEs), annual SUSARs or Line Listings.

Sponsors will be required to provide ACT Health HREC with an annual safety report that supports trial oversight, includes a clear summary of the evolving safety profile of the trial and evidence that the sponsor is conducting its own ongoing safety monitoring appropriately. Should there be any new safety information the sponsor will be required to provide an updated participant information and consent form.

Please include any outstanding safety reports from pre-November 2016 in the study's first annual safety report.

Sponsors are required to review the Investigator Brochure at least annually and to provide updates to investigators and the HREC.

Sponsors must provide the HREC with reports of Data Safety and Monitoring Boards.

Investigators must provide the HREC with an annual progress report.

ACT Health HREC Annual Progress Report and Extension Request template

At completion of the research the investigator must provide HREC with a final report.

ACT Health HREC Final Report template