ACT Care Coordinator Annual Report 2015-16

The ACT Care Coordinator is a statutory appointment made by the Minister for Health, under Section 204 (1) of the Mental Health Act 2015.

This report is being submitted in accordance with Section 205 (e) of the Mental Health Act 2015.

The Care Coordinator is responsible for coordinating the provision of treatment, care or support for a person with a mental disorder to whom a Community Care Order (CCO) applies. The Care Coordinator is also responsible for coordinating the provision of treatment, care or support for a person for whom a Forensic Community Care Order (FCCO) is in force. CCOs and FCCOs are made by the ACT Civil and Administrative Tribunal (ACAT). The Executive Officer for the ACT Care Coordinator is located within the Public Advocate of the ACT.

From 1 July 2015 to 30 June 2016, eight people were subject to a CCO; six men and two women. There were four people for whom new CCOs were made in the reporting period. For the eight people subject to CCOs, one was referred by the courts and the remaining seven were referred by clinical services. Dementia was the reason four people were subject to CCOs, one had a neurological disorder other than dementia, and three had an intellectual disability.

No FCCOs were made during this reporting period.

Table 58 summarises the CCOs for 2015–16.

Table 58: Community Care Orders 1 July 2015–30 June 2016
Category Details
Gender Male: 6
Female: 2
Total: 8
New CCO 4
Age ≤18 years: 0
19-29 years: 1
30-39 years: 3
40-49 years: 1
50-59 years: 1
60-69 years: 1
70-79 years: 0
80+ years: 1
Condition Intellectual disability: 3
Dementia: 4
Neurological condition
other than dementia: 1
Referring Agency Mental Health: 3
Older Persons Mental
Health Service (OPMH): 4
Courts: 1
ACT Health: 0
Restriction Orders 7


Linda Kohlhagen

ACT Care Coordinator

June 2016