ACT Health Vacation Study Program

The ACT Health vacation study program offers students the opportunity at the end of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year, to participate and gain experience in research at ACT Health. Students should be studying one of the following disciplines:

  • Medicine
  • Medical Science
  • Nursing and Midwifery
  • Allied Health

The program provides students with an opportunity to learn valuable research skills which is an important part of university study. This program promotes development of research skills in students which is becoming increasingly important in medical science training. The Research Office will administer this process.

At the conclusion of the placement, the students are required to submit a project report and give a presentation on the project at Vacation Study Program event.

2018-19 Program

The 2018-19 Vacation Study Program will be advertised in September 2018.

2017-18 Program wrap up

Well done to this year’s cohort of students who completed the Vacation Study Program, funded by the Office of Research. The program was run over the 2017-18 university summer vacation and was completed by 13 students from local and international universities.

After completing their research project, the students presented their findings at a joint session on Friday 16 February.

Some highlights of the session included:

  • Protein Density Fat Fraction Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MDFF-MRI) – this study found that a good alternative to blood serum ferritin analysis for measuring liver iron concentration is PDFF-MRI. This is promising for patients where iron overload is hard to diagnose.
  • Influenza Project- a presentation of a study that found that patients who acquired the influenza virus in Canberra Hospital were more likely to have a non-influenza-like illness than those who presented to the hospital with the virus. They were also more likely to have a comorbidity and a greater length of stay post diagnosis.
Vacation Students

Congratulations to all the students involved – Rosny Kasim, Nikita Parkash, Anna Ye, Stacey Jukes, Kriti Jha, Ben Hoatson, Caitlynn Gillaspie, Daniella Mraovic, Peter Hedt, Allen Song, Joanne Evans, Lauren Turner, Jessica Garrett.

For more information

Direct enquiries to:
Cath Rollinson
ACT Health Office of Research
Level 6, Building 10 Canberra Hospital
Tel: (02) 6174 5257