ACT Health research activity

ACT Health is involved in a wide variety of research in the ACT, the surrounding region, nationally and internationally.

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Research activities A-Z

  • Academic Unit of General Practice
    The Academic Unit of General Practice and Community Health is an initiative of Community Health and the Canberra Clinical School of the University of Sydney and is committed to providing excellence in health research, education and service.
  • ANU Medical School
    One of the aims of the ANU Medical School is to encourage its students to extend the boundaries of medical knowledge through research, and to share this knowledge with patients and colleagues, locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Australian Health Outcomes Collaboration
    The Australian Health Outcomes Collaboration is part of the Centre for Health Service Development at the University of Wollongong and is collocated with the Centre for Advances in Epidemiology and Information Technology at The Canberra Hospital.
  • Breast Cancer Treatment Project
    A multidisciplinary, community based, prospective study of breast cancer treatment, conducted by the ACT & SE NSW Breast Cancer Treatment Group and managed by BreastScreen, ACT Community Health. The aim of the project is to collect and examine data on treatment and outcomes for women with breast cancer.
  • Canberra Clinical school
    The Canberra Clinical School has a strong focus on clinical research based on a broad spectrum of research competencies among the staff ranging from basic sciences to clinical investigation and including medical, nursing and allied health.
  • Health and Medical Research Council
    The Health and Medical Research Council is an advisory body that provides strategic advice on developing the ACT health and medical research sector. A key component of this work includes oversight of the development and implementation of the Health and Medical Research Support Program.

    The Australian National University's John Curtin School of Medical Research
  • John Curtin School of Medical Research
    ACT Health collaborates with the John Curtin School of Medical Research to improve public health outcomes. The John Curtin School - Australia’s national medical research institute - is part of The Australian National University. Its Nobel Prize-winning scientists have made major scientific discoveries and significant contributions to world health.
  • Population Health Research Centre
    The Population Health Research Centre (PHRC) is responsible for the provision of timely and accurate information on the health of the ACT population and priority groups to assist in the development and evaluation of policies and interventions to improve health. The work program of the unit is determined by national and territory health priorities and includes the production of the biennial Chief Health Officer's Report and maintenance of the Cancer Registry, both are required by law.
  • SYNERGY: Research Centre for Nursing & Midwifery Practice (RCNMP)
    SYNERGY provides a physical and intellectual environment and administrative structure to support nursing research and evidence based practice at The Canberra Hospital. SYNERGY staff are committed to providing leadership and support for clinicians to conduct and utilise research to improve clinical practice.