ACT Health is extensively involved in research activities locally, nationally and internationally

The Office of Research leads strategic development and management of ACT Health’s research, collaborating with clinical areas and academic institutions in the conduct and translation of research into practice. Our vision is to have a world-class sustainable teaching and learning organisation that delivers cutting edge healthcare informed by research that maximises health outcomes for patients and communities. With Academic Partners, underlying the direction are five key initiatives:

  1. Effective translation of research from fundamental science to the clinic; 
  2. Grow, support and maintain the next generation of health and medical researchers;
  3. Innovation and improvement of the health system through high quality health service and clinical research;
  4. Growing and unlocking the health opportunities with data science; and
  5. Improve the investment opportunities for ACT Health innovations.

A new Research Integration Bus and User interface is under construction to modernise the promotion and management of research in ACT Health.  

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Office of Research Executive

Current activities include:

  • Writing a 10 year Research Strategic Plan for ACT Health
  • Establishing a virtual research and translation centre to support the implementation of the strategic plan
  • Developing a Research Integration Bus
  • Intellectual Property Review
  • Fundraising for research

Contact: Reagan Taylor, EA - ph: 6244 4288 or email:

Human Ethics & Governance

The Research Ethics and Governance Office (REGO) is responsible for the coordination and management of ethical and site governance review processes for ACT Health.  This includes scientific and ethical review, site governance review and ongoing monitoring of approved research.

Current activities include:

For more information on the Clinical Trials Committee, including template forms, please click here.

Contact: Augie Marchesi, Head of Ethics and Governance.  Ph: 02 6174 7968
​or  email: 

Clinical Trials Unit

Current activities include:

  • Supporting clinical trials in ACT Health
  • Clinical trial project budget estimate support
  • Clinical trial harmonisation
  • Implementing the Clinical Trials National Partnership Agreement 

Contact: Katherine Johnson, Manager ph: 6244 2811 or email:   

Research Methods & Data Analytics

The Unit has a broad and diverse portfolio across ACT Health.  In collaboration with our academic partners, the unit contains a small team of methodologists and data specialists to help enable high quality research in ACT Health.

Current activities include:

  • Establishing a collaborative research team model with our academic partners. 

Contact: Reagan Taylor, EA.  Ph: 6244 4288 or email:

Pre-Clinical and Research Education Support

Pre-Clinical and Education Support Unit manage compliance and operations of the pre-clinical laboratories, which support the activities of researchers and students of ACT Health and its partner institutions.  In addition the unit supports the management of research education activities.

Current activities include:

  • Laboratory facilities on levels 0,5 & 6 of Building 10
  • Managing the Canberra Health Annual Research Meeting (CHARM
  • Lab-based student support  
  • Vacation Study Program
  • Research Education Support

Contact: Hannah Clarke, Head Pre-Clinical and Research Education Support.  Ph: 6244 2618 or email:  


Human Ethics Research Committee 

The ANU Medical School

The World University Rankings published in the London Times Higher Education Supplement, ranked The Australian National University (ANU) as the 17th best university in the world and number one in Australia.

The ANU Medical School building at Canberra HospitalCanberra Hospital is the principal teaching hospital of the ANU Medical School, but it also uses the facilities of Calvary Hospital, the National Capital Private Hospital, some public, community and private medical facilities.

The ANU Medical School encourages its students to extend the boundaries of medical knowledge through research, and to share this knowledge with patients and colleagues, locally, nationally and internationally.