Citizen's Jury on Health Priorities 2010

Early in 2010 the ACT Health Minister asked the ACT Health Council to arrange a deliberative community forum to advise her on community priorities for health services spending in the ACT.

In responding to the request Council considered advice contained in the report on the National Health and Hospitals Reform Commission (NHHRC), which notes the need for ‘robust processes that promote and value the participation of the community in a meaningful, non-tokenistic way.’

About the Citizen's Jury on Health Priorities 2010

The NHHRC report identifies Citizens Juries as an effective mechanism for encouraging genuine deliberation on tough issues, such as how to allocate scarce resources among competing priorities’.

Citizens Juries use a representative sample of citizens (usually selected in a random or stratified manner) who are briefed in detail on the background and current thinking relating to a particular issue, and asked to discuss possible approaches.

Council concluded that a Citizen Jury would be the most appropriate forum for gaining the views of a range of ACT citizens who, apart from their right to vote, are not engaged in determining priorities for health spending.


Download: Citizen's Jury on Health Priorities 2010 (December 2010) (PDF File - 272k)

Media Release

Download: Media Release (23 December, 2010) (PDF File - 87k)