Swimming/Spa pools code of practice 1999

Swimming/spa pools code of practice 1999

The essential purpose of this code of practice is to specify minimum levels of chemicals and disinfectants for the treatment of public swimming pools and public spa pools.

The standards referred to in this Code of Practice may be amended from time to time unless otherwise stated. It is the owners/operators responsibility to ensure that recommended levels of chemicals used in the disinfection and treatment of water comply with the manufacturers safety data sheets.

Download: Swimming & spa pools Part B: cryptosporidium & giardia (PDF File - 41k)
Swimming & spa pools Part A: General guidelines (PDF File - 81k)

The code of practice applies to:

  • public swimming pools and spa pools,
  • pools where the public, members and their guests, customers and patrons may have reasonable access as part of a service or workplace and includes:
  • hotels, motels and serviced apartments
  • clubs
  • schools
  • gymnasiums & health resorts
  • squash and tennis centres
  • recreational resorts
  • hospitals (hydrotherapy pools)
  • workplaces, and places of adult entertainment
  • pools used to provide swimming lessons