Cooling towers and warm water storage systems code of practice 2005

Cooling towers and warm water storage systems

This document is intended to provide a framework for reporting and management relating to cooling towers and warm water storage systems in the Australian Capital Territory. The Department of Health and Community Care has formulated this Code of Practice so that any risks associated with cooling towers or warm water storage systems can be identified and managed to minimise the threat to the health of the people of the ACT.

The process of risk minimisation will be facilitated through the identification, evaluation and implementation of actions in order to reduce the risk to human health.

In achieving the goal of protecting public health through risk management, scientifically sound, cost-effective, integrated actions are the Departments primary concerns while taking into account social, ethical, political and legal considerations.

This Code has been developed in consultation with cooling tower and warm water storage system owners, maintenance contractors and interest groups in the ACT.

Download: Cooling Towers, Evaporative Condensers and Warm Water Storage Systems (Specialised Systems) Code of Practice 2005 (PDF File - 196k)