Health Protection Service

The Health Protection Service works to protect the health of the ACT community by:

  • Preventing public health incidents and responding to them when they occur.
  • Providing public health advice.
  • Monitoring and enforcing public health regulations.

Common tasks

I want to:

Our functions

  • Environmental Health - Licenses, monitors and enforces public health regulations, including cooling towers and warm water systems; safety of recreation water and drinking water; septic systems and chemical toilets and other factors that may impact upon public health.
  • Food Safety - Regulates food businesses, develops food regulation & policy and provides information for food businesses and the community.
  • Communicable Disease Control - Monitors and reduces the spread of communicable diseases in the ACT, through communicable disease investigation, coordination of the ACT immunisation program and regulation of businesses that conduct skin penetration procedures.
  • Radiation Safety provides for the protection of the health and safety of people and for the protection of property and the environment, from the harmful effects of radiation.
  • Pharmaceutical Services promotes the safe use of medicines in the ACT community. Administers, monitors and conducts inspections to control medicines and poisons in the Territory.
  • ACT Government Analytical Laboratory (ACTGAL) provides a broad range of analytical services for drugs and poisons in toxicological investigations, police seizures, monitoring of air quality, asbestos testing and microbiological testing of food and water.

After hours emergencies

For after hours emergencies phone (02) 6205 1700.


If you're a member of the general public or a health professional, visit the alerts section of this website for the latest information published by the Health Protection Service on pressing health matters of importance to you.

Fact sheets

The Health Protection Service produces numerous fact sheets on diseases and environmental health issues.

Contact us

Phone: (02) 6205 1700
Fax: (02) 6205 1705

Our location

Howard Florey Centenary House
25 Mulley Street
Holder ACT 2611

Postal Address:
Locked Bag 5005
Weston Creek ACT 2611