Name the crane

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Congratulations to Charlotte (aged 10) and PJ (aged 7), winners of the University of Canberra Public Hospital (UCPH) name the crane competition.

The winning entry Galu is Ngunnawal for crane (bird), which Charlotte and PJ both entered because they feel it’s important to respect and acknowledge the Ngunnawal peoples and their land. Galu is also a very fitting name for the crane as it will soar across the UCPH construction site picking up equipment and moving it where it’s needed.

A special mention to runner-up Emily (aged 6) for her name ‘Lifty’ because “cranes lift things up and hospitals lift you up and make you feel better”. We would also like to thank everyone who entered the name the crane competition, we even got four ‘Craney McCrane Face’ entries!  

Check out the video below of Charlotte, PJ and Emily on site with Brookfield Multiplex being shown what Galu the crane can do.