Continuity of Services – Essential Infrastructure

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To enable the upgrade of areas at Canberra Hospital, utilities such as water, gas, high voltage electricity, Information and Communication Technology infrastructure and sewerage, need to be upgraded or replaced. These utilities are located under various areas of the hospital campus, but many are located under Hospital Road, which runs through the centre of the Canberra Hospital campus.

Latest News

Hospital Road reopens to two-way traffic Monday 31 October 2016

Hospital Road, the main road that runs through the Canberra Hospital campus, reopened to two-way traffic, including bus services on Monday 31 October 2016, following the completion of essential upgrade works.

Key changes:

  • Vehicles can now enter Hospital Road from Gilmore Crescent adjacent to the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, and travel south along the entire length of Hospital Road.
  • Vehicles can now use the designated area in front of the main entrance at Building 2 for passenger pick up and drop off.
  • ACTION Buses will commence using Hospital Road for passenger pick up and drop off from Monday 31 October 2016. Q City Transport will commence their service on Hospital Road from Tuesday 1 November 2016. Passengers using these services are reminded to check online timetables for updates about these bus services.
  • Taxi services will remain in the designated zone along Hospital Road, just down from the main entrance at Building 2.

ACT Health would like to thank patients, visitors and staff for their patience during these essential upgrade works, which have been completed as part of the ACT Government’s Health Infrastructure Program.

About the project

  • The Continuity of Services - Essential Infrastructure (COSEI) project at Canberra Hospital is a body of works that covers a broad range of infrastructure upgrades around the hospital campus, including utilities, road and pedestrian surfaces, signage, covered walkways and a new pneumatic tube delivery system. These upgrade works will improve amenity and future-proof essential infrastructure services such as water, sewerage, stormwater, high-voltage conduits and ICT across the Canberra Hospital campus.
  • The main upgrades as part of the COSEI project were to essential infrastructure under Hospital Road. These upgrades, which are now complete, incorporated partial road closures between Bateson Road and Gilmore Crescent. Hospital Road reopened to two-way traffic on 31 October 2016, providing ease of access for vehicles and pedestrians around the Canberra Hospital campus.
  • Signage around Canberra Hospital is also being upgraded, with a new way-finding system installed both externally and internally across the campus. This will include illuminated signs, larger text, and brighter colours for patients and visitors to help them easily identify where they need to go. This signage has already been installed in some locations, including Centenary Hospital for Women and Children and the southern multi-storey car park.