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Photo of Canberra Region Cancer CentreDevelopment of the new Canberra Region Cancer Centre was supported by funding from the Australian Government under the Health and Hospitals Fund. It is part of a national initiative to build a world class cancer care system by improving access to cancer services and support in regional areas of Australia.

The new Canberra Region Cancer Centre improves cancer treatment by integrating key services within a single building on the Canberra Hospital campus.

The Centre offers a full complement of services designed to address all aspects of cancer treatment, driving progress in the prevention, detection and treatment of cancer.

The Centre draws together and integrates services including chemotherapy, radiation therapy, haematology, immunology, research and teaching programs within a single, five-storey building adjoining the existing Radiation Oncology building.

Co-locating services under one roof creates a more consistent patient experience and enables a multidisciplinary team approach and cohesive service delivery. In addition, new initiatives will be implemented in the new centre that will also enhance patient care and outcomes.

The Centre includes an ACT Pathology collection centre, Pharmacy, Patient and Family Lounge, Patient Information Centre and services operated by Non-Government Organisations.

The new Centre received its first patients on Monday, 18 August 2014.

You can find out more information about the region's new cancer centre in the Canberra Region Cancer Centre section of this website.

Welcome to Country, 2013

The art of the Canberra Region Cancer Centre

The key policy objective of the ACT Health Arts in Health Program is to enhance the delivery of health services to the Canberra community. Evidence-based national and international research has demonstrated that 

participation in the arts promotes healing by reducing stress and improving mental and physical health.

Most works of art in the new Canberra Region Cancer Centre have been donated to the Arts in Health Program through the Canberra Hospital Foundation. The centrepiece of the foyer, Acknowledgement of Country, 2013 by Natalie Bateman, was donated by medical specialists working in cancer and related services. The staff of the new Centre would like to thank all the donors and patrons for their commitment to creating an environment where those wishing to concentrate on a space other than the here and now can find a focus for meditation. We hope that these works of art might offer a focus for restoring personal tranquility, soothe any nervousness, enable the recovery of inner strength and peace and support the different stages of cancer treatment.

Arts in Health - the art of the Canberra Region Cancer Centre flyer

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