Belconnen Community Health Centre


The new Belconnen Community Health Centre

Community health centres are a key part of the ACT health system, offering services aimed at helping clients to better manage acute and chronic conditions in the community and closer to home. In this way, they support the quality of life and wellbeing of people in the ACT, and help to reduce reliance on hospitals.

As part of the Health Infrastructure Program, the ACT Government has built a new enhanced community health centre at Belconnen. The new Belconnen Community Health Centre is centrally located at the corner of Lathlain and Cohen Streets, opposite the Belconnen Bus Interchange.

The new health centre delivers expanded health services aimed at assisting clients to manage acute and chronic conditions in the community, particularly in the areas of diabetes, mental health and rehabilitation - and will include renal services in the future.

This is the first enhanced community health centre, intended to complement our hospitals, generalist community health centres and community-based services to improve health and wellbeing in the community.

Now open

The new Belconnen Community Health Centre opened for business on Monday, 11 November 2013.

The health services formerly available from the old Belconnen Health Centre have moved to the brand new building.

Appointments for most services can be made through Community Health Intake on (02) 6207 9977 between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 3:30pm Wednesdays (excluding public holidays).

More information about services available from community health centres is available on the Belconnen Community Health Centre Page.

The Facility

The new Belconnen Community Health Centre is home to a range of health services to support a diverse and growing local community.

The main entrance to the Belconnen Community Health Centre is located off Lathlain Street. The building is a short walk from the Bus Interchange, and some parking is available on site. Walking through the main doors visitors enter the central reception area. Reception for all services is provided here with staff directing people to the relevant floor. In the waiting area, people have access to health promotion materials, displays and demonstrations relevant to the centre's services.

Spacious lifts and wide stairwells make it easy to move between the building's four floors, which are open and light-filled. Consistent with the environmentally sustainable design, there is also a strong sense of bringing the outdoors into the facility. The many windows connect the centre with its surroundings, and the decorative elements on each floor have a nature theme. Window gardens on each floor also add to the natural environment.

The clinical facilities are state of the art, with modern equipment and open plan design. Most treatment areas are made up of shared spaces, including consult, treatment, interview and meeting rooms, that can be booked by different services as required. This will make it easier for staff to work together across services, and support the principle of patient-centred care.

Staff and consumers were consulted throughout the construction process to make sure that the facilities and the design would be functional and appropriate for the people they care for. The result is a community-friendly centre that reflects local needs and enables staff to continue to provide high levels of service.

An information booklet was produced to support a community open day held before the new centre became operational. The booklet includes more information about the new centre, its services and staff.

Further information

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