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The Health Infrastructure Program (HIP) is a response to a growing population looking to the infrastructure needs of tomorrow.

Canberra's population is growing and ageing and this brings unique challenges.

In just one hundred years, Canberra has grown into a thriving city of more than three hundred and seventy thousand people and our healthcare needs are changing.

HIP began with a careful examination of the current health system and a comprehensive review of the future needs of the community.

HIP is about bringing healthcare services closer to where people live. It's about moving key frontline services out of the major health campuses into local facilities. It's about entirely new types of healthcare workers who will provide care at specific points in a patient's journey. It's about using Information Communication Technology (ICT) to support connected and coordinated care.

HIP is about investing in our workforce as well as new health facilities and the latest technology to provide the right services for the right people at the right place. HIP is about creating new pathways through the health system - better, smarter, more convenient pathways.

Since the program was first announced, ACT Health has been proceeding on a twofold track of implementing a range of early projects, and at the same time, finalising the planning for the full form and scope of the HIP.

HIP represents the most significant investment in the history of Canberra's healthcare system.

The ACT Government is investing close to $2 billion into making sure every aspect of our healthcare system can support us as we continue to grow.

Staff movements

Aerial photo of the existing Buildings 3 and 2.

In alignment with the ACT Government Clinical Services Plan, we are currently laying the groundwork for an updated hospital campus at Canberra Hospital.  It is important for us to consider how we will meet the future health care needs of the ACT community, and that includes expanding the capacity of Canberra Hospital. Preparing for updates to a major hospital such as Canberra Hospital can take years given the number and complexity of services it provides, and to ensure services can continue during any upgrades with minimal disruption.

As part of this process, a number of services are moving to temporary locations within the hospital campus. These movements will be starting from September 2015, with some additional moves happening in January and June 2016. Clinicians and health care consumer representatives have been heavily involved throughout the planning process. These movements will include staff from Building 3 and part of Building 1.

A new demountable facility, Building 15, is being built on the former Psychiatric Services Unit site. This building will house services that will move out of Building 1 and Building 3. Building 15 will include a central reception, which will be utilised by most services moving to the building. Some staff in Building 3 will also be moving to upgraded spaces in Building 1.

Works to support continuation of services

To enable the upgrade of areas at Canberra Hospital, utilities such as water, gas, high voltage electricity, Information and Communication Technology infrastructure and sewerage, need to be upgraded or replaced. Many of these utilities are located under Hospital Road, which runs through the centre of the Canberra Hospital campus. There are utilities located under other areas of the campus as well.

A section of Hospital Road, from the Bateson Road roundabout to the roundabout outside the Building 2 entrance (excluding the actual roundabouts) has been closed since early 2015. This closure has been to allow the construction of Building 15, followed by utility works. This section of road will be closed until late 2015.

What's next?

Staff, patients and visitors to Canberra Hospital may notice a number of works taking place across the campus during 2015 and 2016. ACT Health would like to thank everyone in advance for their patience.

Further information

For more information about this Health Infrastructure Program project email: HIP@act.gov.au