ACT Local Hospital Network Council

Have you always wanted to provide comment or feedback on current health services in Canberra? The members are seeking your input, so now is the time to get your opinion heard!

If you want to let the Council know what you think about Canberra’s health services, or to tell them of an experience, it’s as easy as sending an email.

About the ACT Local Hospital Network Council

In July 2011, the ACT Minister for Health announced the establishment of the ACT Local Hospital Network Council (the Council), an independent advisory body made up of a range of dynamic, experienced and committed Canberrans working together to support the implementation of health reforms in the ACT and to provide high level strategic advice to the Government.

The Council now wants to hear from you.

What do they want?

The Council is seeking community comment on the delivery of public health services in the ACT and would like advice on the following:

  • whether you were provided with an appropriate amount of information about your treatment, which you were able to clearly understand;
  • your experiences, from beginning to end, around the contact, treatment and care given within the ACT public health system; and
  • your overall satisfaction with the health services that are offered by the ACT’s public hospitals, including the Canberra Hospital, Calvary Public Hospital, Clare Holland House and QEII Family Centre.

The Council is required to consult about any issue affecting the satisfactory delivery of health services, which provides the community with a great opportunity to share its views.

Information received?

The Council will consider all comments received and your feedback will inform the development of recommendations to improve health services in the ACT. The Council’s recommendations, together with a generic summary of feedback received, will be included in the Council’s Annual Report which is presented to the ACT Minister for Health and tabled in the ACT Legislative Assembly.

Send in your feedback

If you would like to provide comments or feedback, please email the ACT Local Hospital Network Council at or you can write to:

ACT Local Hospital Network Council
c/- Council Secretariat, Executive Coordination Unit
ACT Health Directorate
GPO Box 825

The Council would be pleased to receive your feedback at any time.

All feedback received will be treated in strict confidence and personal details will not be used in the context of developing any recommendations to the Minister.

Annual reports

Annual Reports are available here: