Requirements for Community Organisations

As of 20 April 2015, eligible non-profit community organisations that sell food for fundraising purposes are exempt from the Food Act 2001, regardless of the types of food they sell. These organisations are:

able to sell foods that require temperature control to keep them safe.This includes healthier options such as salads, sandwiches and soups; and

not required to register with the Health Protection Service or have a Food Safety Supervisor.

All organisations that serve and prepare food for the public still have a responsibility to ensure the food they sell is safe, even if they are not covered by the Food Act 2001.  If you sell unsafe food, your organisation may be responsible for serious illness or death and charged under criminal law. You may also be subject to a civil law suit. To assist you in preparing safe food, the Health Protection Service strongly recommends that food stalls follow the Food Stall Guidelines. This document can be found on the Food Safety Resources for Businesses webpage. An information sheet has also been developed to assist food stall operators in ensuring safe food handling, see below.

Please refer to the FAQ document below or contact the Health Protection Service on 62051700 for more information.

Requirements for community organisations FAQs

Guidelines for fundraising stalls – information sheet