I'M ALERT Food Safety Training

ACT Health provides access to free online food safety training through the I’M ALERT Food Safety website. This training is available to food handlers and any other interested members of the public. The I’M ALERT training is designed to provide a basic understanding of safe food handling. The training contains interactive quizzes to test your knowledge of general food safety. A certificate is issued on completion of the training.

ACT Health strongly recommends that all individuals involved in food handling complete this free online course. The course takes approximately two hours to complete.

All food businesses operating at a declared event, including non-profit community organisations must appoint a Food Safety Supervisor who has completed, at a minimum, all modules of the I’M ALERT food safety training. Your food safety supervisor’s I’M ALERT completion certificate must be submitted with your declared event registration application.

For more information about Food Safety Supervisor requirements, please see the Food Safety Supervisors webpage.