National Multicultural Festival

The National Multicultural Festival is an opportunity for the community to celebrate the cultural diversity within the ACT. In August 2015, the Minister for Health, Simon Corbell MLA, declared the National Multicultural Festival to be a regulated event under section 91 of the Food Act 2001. This means all food stalls operating at the National Multicultural Festival must be registered, have a Food Safety Supervisor and comply with ACT food safety laws.

Public Health Officers from ACT Health will attend the event to monitor food safety and hygiene, and to provide education and support to the volunteers operating these stalls.

For additional information about Declared Events, please contact the Health Protection Service on 6205 1700 or

Information about the National Multicultural Festival can be found on the festival website at

Food Safety Information

The Health Protection Service has developed food safety information specifically for operating temporary stalls at the National Multicultural Festival.

National Multicultural Festival – Information for Food Stalls – English

This document has been translated into 11 languages to assist the stall holders operating at this event.






Simplified Chinese


Traditional Chinese




Temperature Log

Temperature logs must be kept for all potentially hazardous food prepared prior to, and during, the event. Regular temperature checks during transport, storage and display of food must be done and recorded in the log. 

Declared Event Temperature Log for Potentially Hazardous Foods

Additional food safety information can be found on the Food Safety Resources for Business webpage.