Food Safety Supervisors

All registered food businesses in the ACT must appoint a food safety supervisor, including businesses operating at a declared event.

A food safety supervisor is someone who:

  • has completed advanced training in food safety (see training requirements below);
  • knows how to recognise, prevent and alleviate food handling hazards at your food business; and
  • has the ability and authority to supervise other people handling food at the business and ensure that all food handling is done safely.

In order to be appointed as a food safety supervisor, a person must hold a valid statement of attainment, for a food safety training course, issued by a Registered Training Organisation. For further information regarding training requirements for food safety supervisors please refer to the Food Safety Supervisor Training Guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding the food safety supervisor requirement please contact the Health Protection Service on 6205 1700.

Notification of Food Safety Supervisors

Following registration, new food businesses have 30 days to appoint a food safety supervisor and notify the Health Protection Service. You can do so by completing the Food Safety Supervisor Notification Form and returning the form to the Health Protection Service.

You do not need to submit copies of your food safety supervisor’s statement of attainment to the Health Protection Service. However, you must be able to produce it to a Public Health Officer upon request.

If you are operating at a declared event you must provide your food safety supervisor’s I’M ALERT completion certificate with your declared event registration application. Please see the Starting a Food Business in the ACT webpage for more information.

Requirements for Community Organisations

Some non-profit community organisations only selling food for fundraising purposes may be exempt from the food safety supervisor requirement. Please see the Requirements for Community Organisations webpage for further information