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This section of the website may be of assistance in helping you to plan and settle into your placement within the ACT Government Health Directorate.


When you have your placement with the Health Directorate, the facility may be able to provide accommodation or you may prefer to arrange private accommodation prior to your commencement. Be sure to organise this well before your placement, consider contacting your supervisor or clinical placement coordinator.

Public Transport

ACT Tourism

Automatic Teller Machines (ATMs)

There is an ATM located in the foyer on the ground floor of Canberra Hospital. At Calvary Health Care, the ATM is located in the Marian Lounge outside the Pre-Admissions Clinic and close to Madeleine’s kiosk. Both ATMs are serviced by the Service One Credit Union and will accept cards from most financial institutions.


Please note: Community Health Centres do not have free parking. Parking fees will depend on location.


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