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A Deed sets out the terms and conditions that apply to the ACT Health Directorate's provision of access to its facilities and clients to students or other individuals, for the purpose of providing the students or individuals with opportunities to obtain practical clinical experience, usually to fulfil educational and/or training requirements.

Deed - refers to a Deed between the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), represented by The ACT Health Directorate and one of the following:

  • An Educational Institution;
  • Another Health Service Provider;
  • A Training Organisation; or
  • An individual.

The ACT Health Directorate require educational institutions to sign a Deed of Agreement and a course specific Schedule prior to accepting any tertiary student or other trainee for placement. This is a legal agreement covering the rights and responsibilities of the student, the trainee, the institution and The ACT Health Directorate.

The ACT Health Directorate uses a standard template Deed for students attending most tertiary institutions. Additional schedules may be added to the Deed if this is negotiated and agreed with The ACT Health Directorate.

Download: Current ACT Health Directorate Clinical Placement Deed (PDF File - 806k)

Deeds and the course specific schedules are arranged between Educational Institutions through the ACT Health Directorate Student Clinical Placement Unit.

Clinical Placement Deeds of Agreement and current course Schedules

To find out whether there is a Clinical Placement Deed of Agreement and current course Schedules in place for a particular university and Course, please contact The Student Clinical Placement Unit.

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