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ACT Health - the Australian Capital Territory Government's Department of Health - provides a comprehensive range of health services to the people of the Australian Capital Territory and surrounding region.

ACT Health has seven key service delivery divisions.

ACT Health divisions

Aged Care and Rehabilitation Service (ACRS) provides integrated, effective and timely aged care and rehabilitation services across the continuum of care, ranging from prevention services through to assessment, diagnosis, treatment, support and rehabilitation in a variety of settings including inpatient, outpatient, emergency department, sub-acute and the community.

Calvary Public Hospital (via a contractual agreement with the Little Company of Mary Health Care ACT) provides a broad range of services including inpatient specialities such as acute medical and surgical, mental health, palliative care and maternity. There are outpatient services and an Emergency Department. These are all provided in an environment whose core values include hospitality, healing, stewardship and respect.

Canberra Hospital provides the full range of acute care in inpatient, day services, and outpatient and emergency department services. The Canberra Hospital provides services in tertiary level medical, surgical, maternity and paediatric services (including neo-natal intensive care, and the Canberra midwifery program). The Canberra Hospital is the major trauma referral hospital for the ACT and surrounding region of NSW.

Community Health provides a number of primary care services to the ACT Community in various settings including health promotion and clinical programs such as maternal and child health services, immunisation, youth health services, women's health services, alcohol and drug services, dental services, corrections health, aboriginal liaison and interpreter services as well as wide range of allied health and nursing services.

Mental Health ACT provides a range of services in hospital, community health centres and people's homes across the territory. Mental Health ACT works with its community partners to provide integrated and responsive mental health services, including hospital based specialist services, supported accommodation services and community based service responses.

Capital Region Cancer Service (CRCS) provides services for a comprehensive range of screening, assessment, diagnostic, treatment (predominantly medical oncology, radiation oncology, haematology, immunology and palliative care services) in a number of settings including inpatient, outpatient and community settings.

Population Health provides a range of public and environmental health services as well as health promotion services. There is a small core of policy and corporate staff in other divisions who support the service providers in meeting their goals. For student information please go to ACT Centre for Public Practice

ACT Health accreditation

ACT Health is fully accredited with the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards (ACHS) from head office right through to all its service delivery entities. ACT Health's response to accreditation can be found at ACT Health-ACHS Accreditation.

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