Clinical Development Nurses

Enrolled Nurse Transition to Practice Program (ENTPP) has Clinical Development Nurses (CDNs) who work to provide clinical support, education, feedback and conduct competency based assessments related to the Standards for Practice: Enrolled Nurses (NMBA, 2015).

The role of the ENTPP CDNs is to facilitate learning and development. They are responsible for:

• Supporting your transition into the organisation and nursing workforce

• Assisting you to identify your learning needs • Clinical support and supervision in the clinical area

• Formal and informal feedback sessions

• Enhancing your professional development

• Promoting evidence based practice

• Undertaking competency based assessments in accordance to the program requirements

• Monitoring and recording your progress throughout the Transition to Practice Program

• Most clinical areas throughout ACT Health have an allocated CDN. The ward CDNs provide support to all staff in their respective clinical area and also assist Graduate Nurses.