Reforming Clinical Governance Arrangements in the ACT: 2017-18

A project to institute recommendations from the Report, Nurse Practitioners in the Australian Capital Territory in 2017 – A Review, is anticipated to conclude by July 2018.

Key Messages for Stakeholders

  • The nurse practitioner role in the ACT will be ‘normalised’, in line with governance arrangements for other regulated health professionals that are the responsibility of employers. 
  • Unnecessary regulation relating specifically to nurse practitioners will be repealed and the current Standard Operating Procedures will be dismantled.
  • ACT Health will provide guidelines for all employers on employer obligations including the establishment of appropriate clinical governance arrangements for their respective health service.
  • Transitional governance arrangements relating to nurse practitioners will be instituted while reform of the existing governance infrastructure is developed.
  • A senior policy officer/project manager will be appointed to manage the transition period, develop the clinical governance infrastructure for nurse practitioners, and support ACT Health, all public and private sector employers and nurse practitioners in private practice.

Process of reform

  • Health Minister endorsement of report recommendations
  • Communication strategy developed
  • Advice to stakeholders regarding transitional governance arrangements
  • A Project Implementation Advisory Committee will be established and terms of reference endorsed
  • Project implementation strategy endorsed
  • ACT Regulation amended 
  • ACT Policy developed
  • Clinical Governance framework & infrastructure developed in accordance with:
  1. ACSQHC credentialing health practitioners and defining their scope of clinical practice – A guide for managers and practitioners (2015)
  2. NPS competencies required to prescribe medicines (2012)
  • Stakeholder forums held to communicate new governance arrangements
  • Monitoring of reform processes to be undertaken
  • Project Implementation evaluated and reported.