JMO Portfolio


Education and Training

JMOF education portfolio team are proud to have organized a cased based teaching program for the last 3 years. This is a weekly teaching program for 3rd year medical students aimed to assist students in the transition to JMO. We have had great feedback and multiple students returned to become tutors for this program. Following success from our case based teaching program and the feedback we’ve received; we aim to start new tutorial sessions to guide 3rd and 4th year medical students on longcase presentations as well as mock examinations.

We also work in close partnership with MOSCETU to ensure that intern and resident teaching sessions are high quality and tailored to the needs of our JMOs. At TCH the intern teaching sessions occur at 3pm every Tuesday at the auditorium. Resident teaching sessions occur at 1pm Conference Room 1, Level 3, Bld 2, (above the auditorium). If there’s a topic you would like to see at the teaching sessions, we would love to hear from you. Contact us on

Members: Dr Frederick Chung and Dr Adel Shahnam


The workforce portfolio encompasses all areas involved with JMOs day to day tasks. Specifically, we address issues of workload, supervision, handover and communication to ensure the welfare of our JMOs and safety of our patients. We work closely with JMOs, MOSCETU, POD parents and DPETs to identify issues and make positive changes to our working environment. Our major accomplishment has been to improve staffing numbers in the weekend in a specific clinical area that has been identified as unsafe due to the high workload. The feedback since the change have been very positive.

We have also produced hand over documents “Rover” for each term to allow smooth transition process between terms. This does depend on the effort of our users and we encourage you to update these as you complete your terms. To access “Rover” handover documents, please contact our team at for login details.

Our focus this year includes; roster cross-POD shifts, handover system, improving surg pod 2 staffing and communication within the hospital, specifically, investigating in ways to improve the current pager system. You can find the term descriptions in the link. (

Member: Dr Lanny Lin and Dr Catelyn Cashion

Professional Development

Professional development portfolio aims to assist our JMOs with career development and provide guidance in specialty training. The following are our main tasks

  1. Events and education calendar.
  2. Career information evenings to discuss training pathway, applications and exams.
  3. Primary liaison to ACT Branch of the Australian Medical Association (AMA) 

  4. Reporting of ACT JMO Forum activities and JMO advocacy to AMA as required 

  5. Resident Forum Representative to the Doctors in Training (DiT) Committee, AMA 

  6. Resident Forum Representative to Training Colleges

You can find useful specialty collage information here. (link:

Contact us by email

Members: Dr James Taylor and Dr Juliana Mai

International Medical Graduates

The current projects include:

  1. Education session for international graduates on
    1. Visa application process
    2. Relevant migration agents
    3. Training pathways
  2. Produce a booklet with information on
    1. Australian healthcare system
    2. Life in Australia and cultural awareness
    3. Working in ACT Health
    4. Obtaining an ACT driver’s license
    5. ACT public transport
    6. Applying for a provider/prescriber number
    7. Translators/JP services
    8. Professional development and ongoing education
    9. Medico-legal issues
    10. Support organizations and services

Members: Dr Paras Jain and Dr Yi Bong


The JMO Forum Research portfolio aims to promote, inspire, and facilitate research by junior doctors.

We have created a database that allows junior doctors to discover current research projects and connect with supervisors with similar research interests. We do our best to keep this as up to date as possible but we need your help. Whether you are starting a new research project and are looking for an assistant or simply interested in supervising for research projects in your field, please let us know. Contact us on or use the contact us page.

The database can be accessed here (

A new initiative of ours this year is creating a handbook on conducting audit studies in ACT Health. It will contain information on procedures, documents, and approvals required for starting a study in the ACT, guides on formulating, conducting, and interpreting your studies, and potential avenues where you could present your findings.

As we continue to expand our activities, we look forward to becoming an active contributor to the research community, and ultimately improving health care for patients. Don’t forget that CHARM will be taking place 1-4 August 2017. (include link to charm 2017.

Members: Dr John Yek and Dr Jeremy Chou


The JMO Forum Welfare Portfolio seeks to support and facilitate JMOs in negotiating the challenges of internship and beyond. Core functions of the Welfare Portfolio are to engage with the JMO community regarding issues that relate to JMO welfare and support, and to provide relevant resources pertaining to these.

This year we have established a mentoring program through which final year medical students are paired up with current JMO in ACT Health to provide guidance and peer support. This is aimed to help student prepare for the challenges of internship as well as provide ongoing support through their medical careers.

Members: Dr Samuel Norman and Dr Amy Daly

Public Relations

The public relations team is responsible for event promotion, event support, recruitment, sponsorship and partnership with JMOA. If you would like to participate or work with JMOF, please contact us via

Members: Dr Thomas Wu, Dr Mugdha Bokiland and Dr Dharan Sukumar