HTAC Purpose and Scope

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The Health Technology Assessment Committee (HTAC) coordinates the adoption of technologies that are new to ACT Government Health Directorate. It also coordinates the adoption of modifications to, and upgrades of, existing technologies.

The purpose of HTAC is to inform technology-related policymaking in the public health sector in the ACT, by assessing the direct and indirect consequences of the introduction of a new health technology. HTAC does not consider the use of new technology in a research context.

What are the functions of HTAC?

The members of HTAC:

  • Consider the application to introduce a new technology in terms of the efficacy of the proposal, as determined by credible sources of review;
  • Review the status of evaluation of any proposed new technology by the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC), the Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee, the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) or other relevant reputable bodies;
  • Determine whether the relevant professional college, association or society has established guidelines or criteria relevant to the safety, efficacy or role of the proposed new technology;
  • Consider the clinical risks associated with the proposed new technology, compared with the clinical risks of currently available technologies;
  • Consider the recommendations of relevant Human Research Ethics Committees (HREC) or Clinical Ethics Committees for any proposed new technology that appears experimental or raises ethical concerns;
  • Consider whether the proposed new technology would replace an existing technology;
  • Provide advice on the facilities and non-clinical support services that are necessary to ensure that the proposed technology can be provided safely and at high quality.

HTAC Policy

Download: Introduction of New Health Technology policy

ACT Government Health Directorate Processes for the Introduction of a New Health Technology

The following documents summarise the processes for the introduction of a new health technology in ACT Government Health Directorate.

Download: Process for Consideration of a New Health Technology

Download: Expedited Process for Consideration of New Health Technology

Download: HTAC Decision-Making Process and Pathway for the Introduction of Proposed New Health Technologies following HTAC Consideration of an Application