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Review-HP3 Personal Upgrade Scheme

Clause C5.9 of the current Agreement states that the Scheme is due to be reviewed and as such a proposal to review the Scheme has been agreed to.

The review is sponsored by ACT Health but applies to all HP3 staff working across the ACT Public Service as the HP3 Personal Upgrade Scheme is an ACTPS wide scheme.

Parties that have participated in the review process included ACT Health, Calvary Health Care ACT, Community Services Directorate, Education and Training Directorate and the Justice and Community Safety Directorate. Relevant unions have also been notified.

Having your say.

The Review of the HP3 Upgrade Scheme for the Recognition of Excellence is nearing completion. An electronic survey was designed to gather both quantitative and qualitative data on workforce perceptions of the scheme and its future -the survey data is currently being analysed along with focus group feedback. The feedback will be synthesised into a report including recommendations for the Scheme's future beyond 2015.

A newsletter with some more background information about the scheme and the plan for the review is also available.

Download: Newsletter 1-July 2014 (PDF File - 517k)

Allied Health Review

Find out about the Allied Health Review!

The Allied Health Review, a key recommendation of the Nous report, officially commenced with an initial series of site visits to the ACT by the two consultants over the period Wednesday 5th-Friday 7th February 2014, followed by an additional site visit 17-18 February.

A range of one on one consultations,focus groups and workshops were conducted over the subsequent four months, leading to the final report.


Final Report and Recommendations

The consultants' report has now been released within ACT Health only and ACT staff can access the report via the ACT Health NewsHub. Please contact the Project Officer if you have any difficulty accessing these documents via the intranet.

A four week consultation period commenced on Wednesday 9th September 2014 and interested ACT Health staff are invited to provide written feedback on implementation of the recommendations. Your feedback can be emailed to


Project Consultants

For information about the consultants, Associate Professor Rosalie Boyce and Ms Janice Mueller, please click on this link,


Project Communication

Throughout the project regular updates have been published on both the internet and intranet. Six newsletters have ben published to date, as at September 2014, and further updates will be posted here and on the ACT Health intranet.

Download: Newsletter 2 (PDF File - 527k)
Newsletter 1 (PDF File - 660k)
Newsletter 3 (PDF File - 474k)
Newsletter 4 (PDF File - 670k)
Newsletter 5 (PDF File - 530k)
Newsletter 6 (PDF File - 532k)
February 2014 Information Session (Microsoft Powerpoint - 870k)

Who can I contact for more information?

Allied Health Review Project Officer


Phone: (02) 6207 0105

or contact


2015 Allied Health Postgraduate Scholarship Applications

Applications for the 2015 round will open Monday 1st December 2014 with applications closing Friday 27th February 2015. If you are interested in applying for a scholarship in 2015 or just want to know more about the scheme please call the contact officer below or click on our Scholarships page

Sally Ranford
Chief Allied Health Office
Phone: (02) 6205 2494

Review - Standards of Practice for ACT Allied Health Professionals

Review Progress

September 2014 The revised draft is with the Office of the Chief Allied Health Officer, pending final revision and a four week final consultation period with stakeholders. It is currently anticipated that this work will conclude December 2014.

Previous Consultation -Consultation Paper and Evaluation Tool

A consultation paper developed by project consultant Margaret Grant and designed to seek specific feedback from ACT allied health professionals about their current use of the Standards and CPD documents, was circulated to the allied health workforce to capture their views about possible amendments to the documents. All ACT allied health professionals and key stakeholders were invited to review the consultation paper and to then complete an evaluation tool.

Feedback on the consultation paper is now closed however a copy of the paper is available at the link below.

Download: Consultation Paper and Allied Health Evaluation Tool (PDF File - 502k)
Background to this consultation (Microsoft Word Document - 230k)

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