HP3 Personal Upgrade Scheme

Health Professional Level 3 Personal Upgrade Scheme for the Recognition of Excellence

The HP3 Upgrade Scheme seeks to recognise and reward the efforts of eligible Health Professional Level 3 staff across the ACT Government and Calvary Health care Bruce who have achieved excellence in skills and competence through post-graduate study, research, project management, education and/or skill acquisition relevant to their profession and service.

Successful applicants are rewarded via salary advancement to HP3 Pay Point 4 and one year later to Pay Point 5.

The HP3 Personal Upgrade Scheme was developed in 2006 in partnership with health professionals to recognise and reward those alied health professionals who demonstrate excellence beyond that required of their substantive HP3 position and who add value to their profession and workplace.

The Scheme was first implemented in 2006, is conducted annually and is formally incorporated into the current ACT Public Service Health Directorate (Health Professionals) Enterprise Agreement 2011-2013-clause C5.8. Please note: The ACT PUblic Sector Health Professionals Agreement 2013-2017 will be uploaded to this site once it is ratified by the Fair Work Commission.

Download: 2011-2013 Enterprise Agreement (PDF File - 1893k)


Having your say-review of the HP3 Upgrade Scheme

The Scheme is currently being reviewed. The review is sponsored by ACT Health however feedback has been sought from across all ACT Public Sector Directorates and Calvary Health Care Bruce in which HP3 staff are employed as the Scheme is an ACTPS wide scheme.

Parties that have been invited to participate in the review process include ACT Health, Calvary Health Care ACT, Community Services Directorate, Education and Training Directorate and the Justice and Community Safety Directorate. Relevant unions were also included in the consultation.

The Review of the HP3 Upgrade Scheme for the Recognition of Excellence is nearing completion. An electronic survey was designed to gather both quantitative and qualitative data on workforce perceptions of the scheme and its future -the survey data is currently being analysed along with focus group feedback. The feedback will be synthesised into a report including recommendations for the Scheme's future beyond 2015.

Download: July 2014 Newsletter (PDF File - 517k)


Will the HP3 Upgrade Scheme be run in 2015?

YES The HP3 Personal Upgrade Scheme for the Recognition of Excellence will be conducted in 2015. This will enable those staff members who have been planning an application with opportunity to develop and submit their application, either in the 2014 round or in the 2015 round.

Please note: The Scheme's continuance beyond 2015 may be subject to the outcome of the Scheme's review.


2014 Applications-Closed

Applications for the 2014 round of the HP3 Personal Upgrade Scheme for the Recognition of Excellence closed Monday 30th June 2014.

Pending release of the 2015 application package please refer to the 2014 documents below as these provide a comprehensive guide to the application process.

Staff considering an application in 2015 are strongly encouraged to contact the Scheme Secretariat to discuss their eligibility to apply as well as their potential application.
See Secretariat contact details bottom of this section.

Application Documents

Download: 2014 Scheme Overview (Microsoft Word XML Document - 194k)
2014 Application Form (Microsoft Word Document - 327k)
2014 Guide for Referees and Referee Report Template (Microsoft Word XML Document - 23k)
Detailed Guide to Understanding the Assessment Criteria (Microsoft Word XML Document - 204k)


Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to apply?

  • You must be permanently appointed at the Health Professional Level 3, pay point 3, and

  • Not be subject to current under-performance process, and
  • Have served a minimum 12 months at HP3 pay point 3, or
  • Have worked for 3 years as a HP3, or other jurisdictional equivalent.


What is Excellence?

Examples of excellence can include, but are not limited to, sustained activity in:

  • Development, implementation and evaluation of significant and relevant project(s) or service change(s) that enhance the efficiency and and/or effectiveness of organisational service;

  • Professional Leadership, through mentoring and fostering learning and development in others

  • Formal Research, undertaking a significant research project which is relevant to their clients and workplace colleagues.


I have been in my position for a long time, shouldn't I get the upgrade automatically?


Length of service with the organisation does not necessarily imply excellence but it is important in terms of assessing an applicant's eligibility. To be eligible to apply to the Scheme an applicant must have been at HP3 pay point 3 for a minimum of 12 months or have worked for the previous 3 years as a HP3. Applicants considering making an application in 2015 and who have not been at pay point 3 for the required minimum 12 month period and who wish to claim eligibility on the basis of previous employment being at a HP3 equivalent level are asked to contact the Scheme Secretariat as soon as possible to discuss their application and eligibility.


I am on an Special Employment Arrangement (SEA)-can I still apply for the HP3 Upgrade?

YES- The HP3 competency paypoints, HP3.4 and HP3.5, are adjusted to reflect the relevant SEA provision.


I am really good at my job, I am on higher duties - does that mean that I'm eligible?

This scheme is for those who extend beyond what is required of their substantive HP3 position, and by doing so, contribute enhanced value and excellence to their profession and workplace. If you are wondering whether you are eligible, please review your Duty Statement and read this in conjunction with the Upgrade Assessment Criteria. If you believe your Duty Statement does not reflect your current role please discuss this with your manager.

  • Any application that is submitted must be based on claims pertaining to the applicant's substantive HP3 position and not based on periods of higher duties.
  • Applicants and their supervisor/manager are strongly encouraged to have a discussion prior to any application being prepared.
  • Similarly, applicants are encouraged to discuss their intention to apply with their proposed referee.
  • The Scheme Secretariat strongly encourages all prospective applicants to make a time to meet with the Secretariat to discuss their eligibility, the assessment criteria and the application format.


Contact us

Contact Scheme Secretariat Sally Ranford, Office of the Chief Allied Health Officer on (02) 6205 2494 or Sally.Ranford@act.gov.au