Student Placements Online (SPO)

student placements online

SPO is a database used by students, trainees, educators and administrators to manage all aspects of clinical placement. This section will take you through what you need to know about SPO for your particular role.


What is SPO?

SPO or Student Placements Online is the database system that ACT Health uses to manage student clinical placements and to provide elearning training to students.

Currently, SPO has three user sites:

  • SPO for Students
  • SPO for Education Providers
  • SPO for ACT Health Administrators (only for CPO staff)

It is important that you enter the correct site otherwise your access will be denied. Each site has a different front page to allow you to identify the correct site. See the following pages for further information.

SPO for Students

Visit the online portal

What is SPO for Students?

It is the platform where students can complete ACT Health mandatory e-learning and placement pre-requisites and where they can find placement allocation information.

Prior to clinical placements within ACT Health, all students will have an individual SPO account.

How do I get a SPO account?

SPO accounts are issued to the students through their education provider. Individual students are not able to set up their own accounts.

Education Providers upload each student’s details once their placement has been approved by ACT Health. Students then receive an auto-generated email with information on accessing SPO.


  • If a student has multiple clinical placements with ACT Health, they will receive a login email each time a new placement is uploaded.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they log in to SPO and check that they have fulfilled the current requirements in preparation for their upcoming placement.
  • Students are to contact their Education Provider’s placement coordinator if they have not received access to SPO three weeks before the start of their placement.

All students are to complete the following requirements using the SPO system two weeks before the start of their placement:

  • Student Acknowledgement form to be signed, witnessed and returned to the Clinical Placement Office at ACT Health.
  • Hand Hygiene Australia course – this is an external e-learning module, so please send the certificate of completion to the CPO
  • Manual Handling Awareness e-learning module (for students who do not attend the face to face manual handling training)
  • Infection Prevention and Control, Occupational Medicine and Waste Management e-learning module
  • Fire and Emergency e-learning module
  • Child Protection Level 1 e-learning module
  • Aseptic Technique e-learning module (required for nursing, medicine, midwifery, nuclear medicine, radiation therapy, podiatry, pathology, dental therapy and orthoptic students)

Mandatory e-learning modules only need to be done once every three years.

  • Students do not need to re-do the modules each time they receive a login email, but must check to make sure that all requirements are complete, as they are updated periodically.

The e-learning courses will not work on an iPad or smart phone.

Click on ‘Exit course’ to close the elearning package and record the results. 

If there are problems closing the module, take a print screen of your assessment results prior to exit and send a copy to the CPO at

To see when modules were completed, log in and look under ‘My elearning’ > ‘History elearning and Placement’.

SPO for Education Providers

Visit the online portal

What is SPO?

This is the database system where education providers can manage all administrative matters that relate to student placements with ACT Health.

All requests for student clinical placements in any ACT Health facility, including The Canberra Hospital, Community Health Centres, Mental Health, Justice Health facilities and Calvary Public Hospital are to be submitted and approved via SPO.

The system functions enable education providers to:

  • submit placement requests
  • track request progress
  • upload student details (this step triggers automated emails to students providing them access to the student SPO site).

The CPO will provide class rolls to education providers after each request has been processed in the system.

How to obtain access to SPO

Only Education Providers with a current Deed of Agreement with ACT Health will be given access to SPO. Each education provider is given one unique login and password across the organisation (regardless of faculty and discipline). If you do not use SPO often and have forgotten your login details, please email

The demand and supply function is currently in development and data reported is not accurate.

SPO for Administrators

What is SPO for Administrators?

It is a platform where the ACT Health Clinical Placement Office administrative staff manage student placements.

Access to this platform is for ACT Health CPO staff only.