Allied Health Services

Nutrition Services

The Canberra Hospital dietitians provide a range of services including inpatient nutrition care, outpatient clinics, group programs as well as nutrition advice to the Canberra Hospital Food Service Department.

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Phone (02) 6244 2211
We are located in Building 15, Canberra Hospital.

Inpatient Nutrition Care

We provide individual nutrition care to patients during hospital admissions.

Patients may be referred to a dietitian by another treating health professional or they may request a dietitian assessment during their stay. The Nutrition Department does not provide assessment or intervention for pre-existing conditions not related to the reason the patient is admitted.

Special Diet and Infant Feeding Service

The Special Diet Service works with the Food Service Department to provide inpatients who have special dietary needs, with meals and mid meals during their admission.

The Infant Feeding Service  fortifies breast milk and prepares formula for infants and children with special requirements.

Centenary Hospital for Women and Children Outpatient Clinics

The Canberra Hospital Nutrition Department offers Paediatric and Allergy Outpatient services for a range of complex conditions.

Our outpatient nutrition clinics including

  • Nutrition Paediatric Outpatient Clinic (for nutrition care of children requiring enteral feeding and/or with complex medical conditions)
  • Nutrition Paediatric Allergy Clinic
  • Children’s Feeding Clinic (run in conjunction with Speech Pathology)
  • Enteral Nutrition School Disability Clinic 
  • Cystic Fibrosis Multidisciplinary Clinic

Patients are accepted from ACT and surrounding NSW where specialist local services are not available.

Please contact us directly to make an appointment

Other Nutrition Services are also provided by Dietitians from the Women’s, Youth and Children’s Program and the Diabetes Program (for ACT residents). These services can be contacted via Community Health Intake Phone 62079977 and Diabetes Services.

Canberra Hospital Paediatric and Neonatology Physiotherapy Team provide physiotherapy for inpatients and selected outpatients.

Patients admitted to the Paediatric Ward or Neonatal Care may see a physiotherapist for:

  • Mobility assessment and treatment for children post fracture or injury to facilitate safe discharge
  • Airway Clearance techniques for children and adolescents with Bronchiectasis, Cystic Fibrosis and Pneumonia
  • Respiratory Physiotherapy and developmental assessment and therapy for selected premature babies
  • Graded exercise programs as part of a holistic management plan for inpatients with Anorexia Nervosa
  • Rehabilitation for patients with identified neurological impairments while they are in hospital
  • Other conditions with case by case discussion

Patients not requiring admission to hospital may see a physiotherapist for

  • Airway Clearance techniques for children and adolescents with Bronchiectasis, Cystic Fibrosis and Pneumonia
  • Children with selected neonatal and childhood orthopaedic conditions
  • Children attending Centenary Hospital Juvenile Arthritis clinic
  • Aquatic Physiotherapy is provided as part of the short-term rehabilitation following an orthopaedic procedure and for children with Juvenile Arthritis. This is limited to a 6 week course.

Phone (02) 6244 2154


A psychologist can help children, adolescents and their families cope with the emotional and behavioural aspects of their illness or injury.   Psychology provides assessment, diagnosis and therapy services for a range of clinical conditions in both the inpatient and outpatient setting. 

Outpatient clinics

The Paediatric Psychology Follow Up Clinic provides short term outpatient services following an inpatient episode.

The Paediatric Psychology Chronic Illness Clinic provides psychological assessment, therapy and education to children and adolescents who are having psychological problems that are directly related to their chronic illness including:

  • Adjustment and managing their chronic illness
  • Coping with medical procedures
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Pain Management
  • Compliance with medical treatment

Referrals are accepted from the various Paediatric outpatient clinics at the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children.  The young person needs to be an active client of the Paediatric Department, under 18 yrs old and a parent/carer needs to provide consent.  (Note: we are unable to provide assessments relating to learning disorders, ADHD or Pervasive Developmental Delay)

Phone the Acute Support Psychology Department on (02) 6244 3373.

TCH Cleft Palate Clinic

The Cleft Lip & Palate Clinic (CLPC) is a specialist clinic which provides surgical planning, assessment and treatment service to children presenting with a cleft condition.

Speech Pathology at the Canberra Hospital coordinates this clinic. The Clinic is held 5 times per year in the Paediatric Outpatient Department in the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children.

Who is eligible?

Any child born or living in the ACT or surrounding region is eligible for the Clinic.

All babies born at the Canberra hospital are automatically referred to the clinic.

Any babies born at other Hospitals or children with a cleft condition moving interstate are eligible for the clinic; however a medical referral is required.

Expecting parents who have received a diagnosis of cleft lip and/or palate may also be referred to the clinic for information and support.

Who makes up the Cleft Lip and Palate team?

The Cleft Lip and Palate Clinic is made up of a team of professionals. This team includes:

 Visiting Plastic Surgeon form Sydney Children’s hospital

 Orthodontist

 Ears, Nose & Throat (ENT) Surgeon

 Dental Therapist

 Speech Pathologist

 Audiologist

The surgeons will review, discuss and plan any required surgery. All surgeries are performed at Sydney Children’s Hospital

The Dental therapist will provide information regarding your Childs oral health

The Orthodontist is involved in assessing the development and alignment of the teeth, this includes involvement in preparing the teeth for relevant surgery.

The speech pathologist will support establishing feeding with newborn babies, provide assessment and support for your child’s feeding skills, speech and language development.

The audiologist will provide an assessment of your child’s hearing. Referrals may be made by the Audiologist to the ENT surgeon for further treatment, if required.

Children’s Feeding Clinic

This Clinic is held regularly in the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children. The Clinic consists of a Speech Pathologist and Dietitian and manages any infant or young child with more complex feeding problems associated with an underlying medical condition. Medical conditions may include cardiac, gastrointestinal, respiratory, anatomical issues, diagnosed failure to thrive.

Medical referral is required for this clinic and can be forwarded to Speech Pathology or Nutrition at the Canberra Hospital

Outpatient Speech Pathology Services

Assessment and consultative service are provided for the following eligible children. Referral can be made by GP, specialist, parents, other allied health etc

  • Healthy babies up to 8 weeks corrected age needing support to establish breast or bottle feeding.
  • Feeding issues associated with an underlying medical condition. Medical conditions may include cardiac, gastrointestinal, respiratory or anatomical issues. Associated feeding issues may include:
    • Failure to thrive or growth faltering.
    • Difficulties with sucking, biting, chewing and /or swallowing, including coughing, gagging or choking when eating/drinking.
    • Tongue tie reducing feeding ability
    • Behavioural feeding issues with diagnosis of an oral or feeding aversion.
    • Fussy/Selective feeding due to Sensory Processing issues
    • Transitioning from tube to oral feeding.

Specialists Outpatient Videofluoroscopy swallow assessment

Speech pathology provided specialist outpatient video fluoroscopy swallow assessment for babies / children referred by a medical practitioner requesting further diagnostic assessment of swallowing

Contact Speech Pathology on (02) 6244 2230

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Liaison Service

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Liaison Service provides support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples who are currently patients/family/carer at Canberra Hospital.

  • Assisting with referrals to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community organisations, other health, housing and external services.
  • Arranging family meetings with doctors and other health staff.
  • Improving communication between hospital staff and patient/family/carer, including talking on your behalf.
  • Offering emotional, social and cultural support.
  • Providing information about the hospital and other health services.

The Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Liaison Service operates Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:00pm. The service does not operate after business hours. If an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patient or their family needs assistance or support they can access the afterhours social worker via the switch on 6244 2222.

Wamburrang Room

The Wamburrang Room at Canberra Hospital provides a welcoming space for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients and their families. The room is located behind the Cardiology reception desk on Level 3, Building 1.

Social Work Service

Social Workers at The Canberra Hospital assist patients, their families and carers to respond effectively to personal and practical concerns or issues that result from changes in the patient’s health status. Services are based on values that support people to make their own decisions about their circumstances.

Social Workers work as part of the health care team to assist patients, families and carers achieve their goals.

Social Work Services include:

  • Assessment.  Identifying with you the issues, concerns or areas where you feel you need assistance and the personal and community resources that may be able to support you.
  • Counselling. A change in your health status may raise new concerns or you may have other issues that you want to discuss with a social worker.
  • Discharge planning.  Where you have complex discharge needs, social workers can discuss these with you and help to arrange appropriate services.
  • Crisis support. Social workers are available for immediate assistance after a traumatic event, such as a sudden death, a serious accident or an incident of violence or abuse to either an adult or a child.
  • Advocacy. Social workers can help you represent your issues and needs to other health care providers and to services in the community.
  • Information & Service Linkage. Social workers can provide information about entitlements, services, support groups and resources available in the community and assist to linking you with services if required.

Are Social Work Services available in the Paediatric wards and to Paediatric Outpatients? Yes.

  • For inpatients of the Canberra Hospital Paediatric and Maternity wards services are available.
  • For patients attending hospital outpatient clinics and services or the Emergency Department. If you would like to see the social worker but have no time during this clinic visit, it is possible to arrange and outpatient appointment– please contact the Social Work Department on Ph 6244 2316.
  • There is no cost to the service for inpatients or outpatients to the Canberra Hospital.
  • If you would like to talk to a social worker, ask a member of your health team or contact the Social Work Department on 6244 2316.

Occupational Therapy Paediatric Service

Canberra Hospital offers Occupational Therapy Paediatric Inpatient services for a range of conditions affecting a child’s ability to participate in their activities of daily living (ADL’s) and meaningful or essential occupation. These may include but are not limited to children with orthopaedic, neurological and trauma related, neuro-developmental and feeding related, and burns and plastics related admissions. Referrals for inpatients are through the treating medical team.

Occupational Therapy Outpatients - unfortunately at this time there are no Occupational Therapy Outpatient clinics for paediatric patients.

For referrals to the Occupational Therapy department, the referral letter can be:

• Faxed to the Occupational Therapy department on (02) 6244 4633

• Sent via mail or Canberra Hospital internal mail.