NICU Growth and Development Clinic


The NICU Growth and Development Clinic monitors the progress of babies who required intensive care at birth. Formal developmental assessments are undertaken during the first formative years of life by a multidisciplinary team that includes, Nurses and Doctors from the Department of Neonatology, Speech Pathologists and Physiotherapists.

As part of our patients’ overall care, we want to ensure our NICU and SCN graduates who may be at risk of developmental and behavioural problems are identified early and referred to the appropriate services to help them to reach their full potential.

Information regarding the program is provided prior to the baby’s discharge/transfer. After each clinic visit families are given feedback and a formal report is sent to the child’s parents, Paediatrician, GP and any other health professionals involved in the child's care.

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Sarah & Allana - NICU Growth & Development Nurses

Please contact (02) 6174 7573 for further information.