Choosing Your Maternity Care

Parents with baby and health professional

Canberra Hospital acknowledge that pregnancy is an exciting time for women and their families and offers a range of services to meet your individual needs.

Your choice of care will be affected by:

  • your preferences
  • complications that arose in a previous pregnancy
  • any medical conditions that you now have
  • conditions that may arise in this pregnancy
  • where you reside.

Women choosing to birth at Canberra Hospital have a number of pregnancy care options available. Please select from the links below to access information on your options for antenatal care.

General Practitioner - Shared Care

If there are no concerns with your pregnancy, your GP can provide your antenatal care from their surgery. This is known as Shared Care and is in conjunction with the Antenatal Clinic. This is valuable if your GP will be the main health care provider for you and your family once your baby is born.

Midwifery Care

The Canberra Hospital offers a continuity of care model: The Canberra Midwifery Program (CMP) which was established in 1992. This program provides holistic, midwifery led care with continuity of care/carer in the form of a case-loading midwife or a team of midwives who provide care from first presentation, through to two weeks postnatally.

The Continuity of Care at Canberra Hospital-CatCH Program will provide continuity of care for Canberra women including those who may have an obstetric/medical complication. CatCH women will birth in the Birthing Suite or if eligible the Birth Centre with care by a ‘known’ midwife.

The Antenatal Clinic, provides care by midwives and medical staff in community or hospital based midwifery antenatal clinics and shared care with specialist clinics, obstetricians or general practitioners (GPs). Unlike the CMP which provides continuity of care/carer, intrapartum and postnatal care are provided by midwives unknown to the women antenatally.

Private Midwifery Care

Women booking with a privately practising midwife for a home birth are also encouraged to attend a pre-admission visit at The Canberra Hospital. Please note The Canberra Hospital does not provide appointments regarding private midwifery care. Contact the Australian College of Midwives

Private Obstetric Care

Women may choose to have their pregnancy care with a private obstetrician. These women will still require a pre-admission visit at the Antenatal Clinic. A referral from your GP is required.

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