Antenatal Visits


As a general rule antenatal visits will follow the pattern outlined below. Individual situations may necessitate a differing pattern of appointments.

Your blood pressure and maternal/fetal well being is checked at ALL visits to your health care professional.

At these visits please discuss any discomforts or concerns you may have so suggestions can be made to try and help you.

There is space provided in your Maternity Booklet to write down your questions.

Please bring your Maternity Booklet to all appointments.

Other Pregnancy Appointments

Midwifery appointments are available daily for preadmission visits (1 hour), for 'Anti D' prophylaxis and other pregnancy related reasons as required. Please phone to book an appointment.

Women requesting an antenatal discussion with an Anaesthetist can make an appointment at the surgical pre-admission clinic during their pregnancy further information will be provided should this be required.