Care During Birth

The birthing area offers a safe and supportive birthing environment for you and your baby.

The Birthing floor features 18 birth rooms and one two bed assessment room. All birthing rooms have an ensuite and shower and 13 have a large bath. Five of these rooms make up the birth rooms for the Birth Centre.

Two birthing rooms have access to a small balcony and all others include bench seating suitable for partners or support people to use as a bed if required.

Labour and Birth Care

Our birthing area offers a safe, private and comfortable environment, where you will be cared for by our experienced team of midwives, doctors and other members of the multi-disciplinary team.

It is our aim to provide a choice of birthing options to all families.

The team caring for you will support your choices and will include you in the decisions made during your stay.

Should you require any medical intervention or have special needs - this will be discussed with you.

A team of midwives, working shifts, staff the Birthing area (beds 6 - 21) with 24 hour support from obstetricians, neonatologists, anaesthetists and other specialists as required.

We have other team members including social workers, physiotherapists, chaplains, Aboriginal liaison officers and interpreters available to assist you with any specific needs. All members of the Health Care Team have a commitment to provide you with the best care possible. We welcome all feedback to assist us in continually improving our service.

Support People

We welcome your choice of support person. Evidence suggests that your support person can have an important role in your birthing outcomes.

If you plan to have more than two support people please discuss this with a midwife.

Your main labour support person may be your partner or may include a female friend, relative or a "doula".

Admission Process

Please call the Birthing area before coming in. Remember to bring your maternity record booklet with you so we have information from all of your pregnancy care providers to enable us to plan care with you.

When you come to the Centenary Hospital for Women and Children, your support person can park the car in one of the "drop-off" spaces in front of the hospital entrance, cnr of Gilmore Cres and Hospital Road

Once you have been admitted your partner or support person can then find longer term parking?

On arrival our ward clerks will usually ask you to complete some paperwork including a General Conditions of Admission form and an Inpatient Election Form.


The Birthing Suite is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Contact us

(02) 6174 7444

A midwife is available to answer your pregnancy related concerns, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For all other enquiries, please contact (02) 6174 7625 to speak with our friendly administration staff who will re-direct your call.

Postnatal support

Following the birth of your baby you may stay in the birthing area until discharge to midcall or to your continuity midwife or if required you may be transferred to a bed on the Postnatal Ward.

Assistance with your care and early breast feeds is given by the midwives. Your partner or support person are welcome to stay during this time.