Early Parenting Counselling Service

Welcome to the Early Parenting Counselling Service, a professional service for individuals and families, during pregnancy and the early parenting years

Services provided

The Early Parenting Counselling Service provides mothers and fathers or other primary caregivers with therapeutic support and advice to better manage and overcome challenges that may arise in the early stages of family life.

Perhaps you have experienced or considered some of the following?

  • Emotional wellbeing for expecting mothers or fathers
  • The impacts of anxiety or depression
  • Experiences of grief and loss
  • The impacts of a difficult or traumatic birth experience
  • Bonding, attachment, and positive parenting practices
  • Family or relationship challenges in the early parenting years
  • The impact of past experiences, childhood trauma, or family violence on well-being or parenting confidence
  • Coping with the uncertainty of having a baby with developmental delays, disabilities, or additional needs

Who can use this service?

All parents and caregivers in the ACT with children (0 - 5 years of ++++age)
All Pregnant women or their partners in the ACT


This service is free to Medicare and Asylum Seeker card holders.

Make an appointment

Call the Community Health Intake (CHI) team on (02) 6207 9977 between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 3:30pm Wednesdays (excluding public holidays).

When you call to book an appointment, a CHI representative will register your details and ask specific questions about your health care needs. You may be transferred to one of our nurses for further assessment in order to determine your eligibility and arrange the most appropriate service for your needs.


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Contact us

  • Community Health Intake (CHI) - (02) 6207 9977 between 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday, 8am to 3:30pm Wednesdays (excluding public holidays)
  • Crisis Assessment and Treatment Team - 1800 629 354
  • Domestic Violence Crisis Line - (02) 6280 0900
  • healthdirect Australia - 1800 022 222