Breastfeeding Strategy

The ACT Breastfeeding Strategic Framework 2010-2015 was launched on 10 November 2010, by the ACT Minister for Health, Ms Katy Gallagher.

The overall aim of the framework is to identify strategies to increase the number of infants from birth to six months being exclusively breastfed, and to encourage ongoing breastfeeding with complementary foods until at least 12 months of age and beyond.

Transitional Breastfeeding Research Project

I went home with a baby with no instruction manual

The Health Directorate Commissioned this research in 2011 to further explore transitional breastfeeding support services which protect, promote and support breastfeeding in the ACT.

The aim of this research was to identify realistic, achievable and sustainable improvements to breastfeeding support services for ACT parents in the early weeks following birth.

ACT Breastfeeding Strategic Framework Research Project

It’s a bit of a skill really_ Learning from diverse stories of breastfeeding in the ACT (November 2010)

Breastfeeding Matters (November 2010)

ACT Health undertook this research project to inform the development of the ACT Breastfeeding Strategic Framework.

The research was designed to identify issues, barriers and enablers for breastfeeding from the perspectives of mothers, fathers and family; community groups and organisations; and the ACT health workforce.

Independent inquiries

Two independent inquiry processes were undertaken to inform the development of the Strategic Framework.

Enquiry 1: was an extensive consultation process with the health workforce including clinicians, administrative and policy officers, representatives of professional groups, as well as with community groups and organisations. A literature review was undertaken prior to the consultation process.

Enquiry 2: was undertaken by the Australian Institute of Sustainable Communities, University of Canberra and focused on the identification of issues, barriers and enablers for breastfeeding from the perspectives of mothers, fathers and family members. This study was designed to seek the insights of new mothers and families from a range of social and cultural groups.

Analysis of the information resulted in two major reports: Breastfeeding Matters describes the results and recommendations from the consultation process with health professionals, and other key stakeholders. It's a bit of a skill really is the report from the focus groups of mothers, fathers and grandparents. These reports can be viewed above.

The ACT Breastfeeding Strategic Framework is a direct result of the research. All ACT Government Agencies have signed off on this document and have nominated a key contact person to support the implementation of this important initiative.

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