Rapid Assessment of the Deteriorating Aged at Risk (RADAR)


Rapid Assessment of the Deteriorating Aged at Risk (RADAR) is a rapid response program to support older people in the community, when they are becoming unwell and their own GP requires assistance with medical management.

The RADAR Service is a part of the Geriatrics Community Team.

Our services

The goal of the program is to provide an older person with a rapid medical intervention to enable the person remain at home and prevent a subsequent hospital admission.

The RADAR team (comprising medical staff, Registered Nurses, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist and Dietician) will remain closely in contact with the GP and will liaise with available services (pathology, imaging, hospital in the home, domiciliary allied health, community rehabilitation, ACAT) to ensure that timely investigation and multidisciplinary management is available for the older person in the appropriate environment.

The GP is an active member of the team and is expected to contribute to the management plan to ensure ongoing care once the period of unwellness has resolved.

Eligibility criteria

  • The person is aged 65 years or over (younger patients may be seen if already known to aged care team or in residential care facility) or over 50 for Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

  • The person has suffered a decline in function/ability, which the referring doctor anticipates will result in a likely hospital admission within the next two weeks.

  • The person does not require immediate hospital admission for an acute illness.

There is a high likelihood that the person will be able to stay in their usual place of residence while the reason for the deterioration in health is managed.

Referrals and bookings

A GP referral will be required prior to the patient being assessed.

Other persons may flag the possibility that a patient can benefit from the program e.g. Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT), nursing home staff but the patient will not be assessed without a signed GP referral.

GP’s will forward the referral to the RADAR team via eReferral or by fax to (02) 6174 5600 (Community Health Intake line CHI).

Contact us

Please phone RADAR administration with any queries on (02) 6174 8293.