Rehabilitation, Aged and Community Care

The Rehabilitation, Aged and Community Care (RACC) Division provides integrated and effective services in the areas of rehabilitation, aged care and community care in a broad range of sites throughout the ACT, including hospitals, community health centres and the homes of clients.  This includes health care and support for people with acute, post-acute and long-term illnesses.

The Division aims to improve the quality and accessibility of services to clients, and promotes a continuum of care covering the range of prevention, assessment, diagnosis, treatment, support, rehabilitation and maintenance.  To this end, RACC works closely with other healthcare providers to improve the communication between primary, acute, subacute and community healthcare services while fostering professional development and promoting best practice in rehabilitation, aged and community care.

Our Services

  • Clinical Technology Services including Prosthetics and Orthotics, Specialised Wheelchair and Posture Seating Service (SWAPS) and Clinical Technology Workshop Equipment Repairs and Modifications
  • Oxygen and Equipment Services including Equipment Loan Service, ACT Equipment Scheme and Domiciliary Oxygen and Respiratory Support Scheme
  • Inpatient Acute Care of the Elderly Unit
  • Ortho-Geriatrics Service
  • Sub Acute Geriatric Unit (SAGU)
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation at Canberra Hospital and Rehabilitation Independent Living Unit (RILU)
  • Geriatric and Rehabilitation Outpatient Clinics
  • Community Rehabilitation Service
  • Community Allied Health
  • Community Nursing
  • Transitional Therapy and Care Program
  • Walk-in Centres
  • Community Aged Care Services including Aged Care Assessment Team, RADAR, Memory Assessment Service and Falls Assessment and Prevention Programme
  • Independent Living Centre
  • Veterans Liaison Service

Service Location Information

All ACT Health facilities are completely smoke free. All patients, visitors and staff are required to remain smoke free when visiting any ACT Health facility. Security officers will enforce the smoke free environment. Support is available to help smokers to stay smoke free during their visit to ACT Health facilities. For more information on quitting speak to your GP or Pharmacist.