Ways to wellbeing

Ways to Wellbeing

Tips to boost your wellbeing

Ways to Wellbeing is an ACT Health initiative that encourages Canberrans to prioritise wellbeing using tools such as staying active, connecting with people important to you, focusing on your hobbies, engaging in a relaxing activity or simply having some down time.

When you have competing priorities it’s not always easy to stay on top of your physical and mental wellbeing, so here’s a list to help you.

There are five Ways to Wellbeing:


Talk, listen and connect with your friends, family, colleagues or neighbours.

Social relationships are important for your wellbeing, so take the opportunity to catch up with an old friend, call someone instead of sending them a text or speak to someone new.

Be active

Find an activity that you enjoy and do it regularly.

Canberra is fortunate to have a number of scenic walks, bike paths, public playgrounds, dog parks and fitness stations. For more information on what’s available, visit Transport Canberra and City Services.

Take notice

Remember the simple things that give you joy.

Take the time to soak in the environment around you while walking to work or reflect on experiences in the past that made you laugh. Reminding yourself to ‘take notice’ can help reaffirm what is important to you.

Give back

Give your time and your words to help others.

Those who give their time to help others are often more likely to consider themselves as happy.*

Volunteering is one of the many ways that you can give back. If you’re interested in what volunteering opportunities are out there visit Volunteering and Contact ACT.

*Volunteering and Contact ACT, 2017. Volunteering and Happiness. [Online] Available at: https://www.volunteeringact.org.au/volunteers/volunteering-and-happiness [Accessed 4 October 2017].

Keep learning

Try something new or rediscover an old interest.

Whether it’s reading your favourite book, signing up for a new class or watching a documentary – continued learning can help to enhance your wellbeing.