Infection Prevention and Control: What we do

The Infection Prevention and Control Unit works to minimise infection risks for patients, health care workers, and the general public.

See this list of our key functions.

Surveillance of hospital acquired infections

  • Investigate and control hospital outbreaks and infection clusters among patients and personnel.
  • Conducts ongoing surgical site infection surveillance and blood stream infections.
  • Identify clusters and infections due to unusual microorganisms, through regular rounds of wards and review of patient records and microbiology reports.
  • In liaison with hospital departments develop infection control policies and procedures to reduce the risk of infection.

Continuing Education and Training

  • Identify and develop appropriate information materials for educational purposes.
  • Conduct formal and informal education sessions to wards and departments.
  • New employee orientation.
  • Assist affiliated and community organisations seeking information and guidance on infection control related issues.
  • Contract staff education.

Other Department Functions

  • Calculate rates of infection.
  • Calculate rates of pathogenic organisms.
  • Provide comparative data for research and publication.
  • Review hospital construction and renovation activities to prevent transmission of microorganisms to immunocompromised patients.