Emergency services

Canberra Hospital's Emergency Department has several different treatment areas:

- Resuscitation where the most seriously ill patients are treated
- Acute where patients with severe or potentially severe conditions are treated
- Cubicles where patients with less acute problems are treated
- Paediatrics where small children are treated

Our ED facility

The Emergency Department now has 29 beds including a three bed resuscitation area, and a 26 bed acute observation ward, which incorporates a dedicated six bed paediatrics unit. This first class facility consolidates all treatment areas into one main area, improving visibility and monitoring of clients.

This refurbishment added two respiratory isolation rooms, a nine bed short stay unit and two rapid assessment and treatment rooms, three diverse clinical areas, and plaster and eye assessment rooms.

The Fast Track Service is an initiative to reduce waiting times in The Emergency Department, enabling rapid assessment, investigation, and treatment of lower acuity patients.

The Emergency Medicine Unit provides ongoing management and care for patients requiring assessment, short stay admission and discharge from the Emergency Department within a 24-hour period.