Home Telemonitoring Service

The Home Telemonitoring Service provides monitoring of vital signs in the patient's home over a telephone line. This service is provided for patients with Diabetes, Chronic Heart Failure or Chronic Lung Disease. It includes:

  • Installation of a telemonitoring station in a patient’s home for anywhere between 1 and 6 months.
  • Patient education in the use of the home telemonitor to record their temperature, blood pressure, heart rate, heart rhythm, weight, oxygen saturation, blood glucose and respiratory function each day
  • Monitoring of daily observations via the internet (Monday to Friday) by a clinician.
  • Appropriate response to problems identified by the clinician.

Benefits to the Patient

The benefits to the patient include:

  • Supporting the referring clinician’s current patient health management plan.
  • Helping patients to self manage their chronic disease more effectively and increase patient confidence.
  • Monitoring the effect and response of specific therapy and help stabilise patients’ medical condition.
  • Reducing the frequency of hospitalisation and emergency department (ED) presentations.

This service has been incorporated into the CSIRO Home Monitoring of Chronic Disease Trial.

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