Heart Failure Service

What is Chronic Heart Failure?

The National Heart Foundation of Australia describes chronic heart failure as a "life-threatening condition that affects around 300,000 Australians and kills more than 2,500 each year. Like other chronic diseases (such as diabetes and asthma), chronic heart failure is a condition that will be with you for life, and it presents daily challenges. While it can be very serious and difficult to manage, the good news is that you can control the symptoms of heart failure, avoid unnecessary hospital visits and live a long, healthy life by taking charge of your condition and working in partnership with your healthcare team."

You can download a copy of the Heart Foundation's Guidelines to Living Well with Chronic Heart Failure and visit the Heart Foundation for more information.

What is the Chronic Heart Failure Service?

The Chronic Heart Failure Service comprises of the Heart Failure Clinic and the Heart Failure Rehabilitation Course. It works closely with the Cardiology Outpatient department and the Cardiac Rehabilitation program at Canberra Hospital. Clinical Care Coordinators provide support for those Chronic Heart Failure clients who require further care coordination.

Accessing the Service

You may be eligible for the service if you have had one or more of the following:

  • More than 2 non-admitted emergency presentation per annum
  • More than 2 hospital admissions in the last two years

Your primary health care provider will need to refer you to this service.

Chronic Care Program Information Sheet

Information For Clinicians

To refer a patient to the Chronic Heart Failure Service please fill in the Referral Request Form below or refer via Community Health Intake

Chronic Care Program Referral Request Form

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