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The Snowy Hydro SouthCare Helicopter has provided a retrieval and aeromedical rescue service to the ACT and Southern NSW since 1998.

ACT Health provides the medical flight crew to the service from staff employed by the Capital Region Retrieval Service (CRRS).The medical crew are highly skilled Emergency, Intensive Care and Anaesthetic consultants and senior registrars.

This service is primarily an adult prehospital and retrieval service but is also responsible for paediatric prehospital care. It is key to providing a coordinated system approach to the care of critically ill & injured patient’s throughout regional NSW.

The usual area of responsibility of the SouthCare helicopter extends from the Victorian border, west to Griffith and Hay, north to Sydney and down the east coast of New South Wales.

The majority of Regional NSW patients are retrieved to Canberra Hospital for definitive care. The retrieval service is activated by calling the Aeromedical and Medical Retrieval Service (AMRS) on 1800 650004.

Currently the service comprises of 14 medical staff which includes 9 Consultants, 2 Fellows and 3 Senior Registrars. There is an Operations Coordinator and Office Manager who together help to manage the service.

Proud tradition of search and rescue

SouthCare also plays a significant role in search and rescue operations when required, e.g. people lost in the snow, bush walkers etc.

Our most famous occasion of this was shortly after the service began operating and resulted in bravery awards for outstanding life saving rescues during the infamous 1998 Sydney to Hobart yacht race, a matter of great pride to the Canberra community.


Capital Region Retrieval Service Staff

Some of the SouthCare doctors

Some of the SouthCare doctors standing infront of helicopterAll the doctors that work on the Snowy Hydro SouthCare helicopter, when not on shift for the aircraft work in their designated specialty area at Canberra Hospital. The Doctors provide 24/7 medical coverage and are key to providing an aeromedical coordinated system approach to the care of critically ill & injured patient’s throughout the ACT and Southern NSW. The Doctors are dedicated to supporting their rural colleagues through the provision of a consultation and retrieval service. They ensure the highest quality of care is provided to all their patients in both the pre-hospital and hospital setting and they all enjoy the unique challenges of working in a retrieval service environment.


  • Dr Kelvin Grove

Deputy Director

  • Dr David Lamond

Retrieval Consultants

  • Dr Peter Velloza
  • Dr Greg Hollis
  • Dr James Falconer
  • Dr Harald Gammelin
  • Dr Andrew Singer
  • Dr Simon Robertson
  • Dr Gerrard Marmor

Retrieval Registrars/Fellows

  • Dr Charlotte Helreich (Fellow)
  • Dr Chris Van Leuvan (Fellow)
  • Dr Ken Hoffman
  • Dr Alun Ellis
  • Dr Brandon Burke


At various times throughout the year employment opportunities for both Consultants and Senior Registrars become available.

Recruitment now open for exciting positions as Retrieval Registrars, commencing February 2017.

For more information, please see:

Information for Registrars

The Snowy Hydro SouthCare Helicopter service is based in Canberra and covers an area of operations which includes both the alpine terrain in southern NSW, the arid south western plains and the south coast of NSW. All missions are crewed with a Paramedic and Doctor combination. Approximately 35% of our missions are pre-hospital and 98% of missions are rotary based. CRRS is accredited with ACEM, ANZCA and CICM as a special skills post for 6 months. Registrars can expect to work with a small friendly supportive team of Flight Paramedics, Rescue crewmen, Pilots and Retrieval Consultants and be fully trained in all aspects of pre-hospital and retrieval medicine including winch rescue. We are looking for Registrars who, have a reasonable level of physical fitness, enjoy working in physically challenging environments and have a strong sense of team work.

To enquire about our current vacancies please contact Capital Region Retrieval Service on +61 2 62443156,


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