GP Liaison Unit

The GP Liaison Unit (GPLU) at Canberra Hospital aims to enhance communication and partnerships between the hospital and General Practitioners (GPs) to facilitate a seamless health service and better patient outcomes.

What we do

We will contact your GP to let them know when you are either admitted to or discharged from the hospital unless you inform the hospital otherwise.

We may also contact your GP to inform them of your progress or seek information about your medical history. Your GP can also visit you on the ward.

When you are discharged from hospital, you should be given a discharge referral letter, which will contain important information about your treatment in hospital and details any necessary follow up the GP needs to organise.

We encourage you to visit your GP soon after discharge, and you should give your discharge referral letter to them at your next visit.

Our location

Location: Building 6, Level 2, Canberra Hospital.

Contact us

Phone: (02) 6244 4183